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I'm Like No Other Woman You've Ever Met Before

Dear Future Husband,

Hear me:

I'm like no woman you've ever met before.

There's no need for tricks, games, lies, false flattery, or bullshit.

I can take care of myself, but God is letting me know that is not His plan for my life.

So... let me just say these things to you:

You're perfect just the way you are.

I want to know all about your demons so I can shine God's love on them. I want to know all about your weaknesses, so I can share my strength with you. I want to know all about your worries, so I can share my faith with you.

I will give you all of me. I ask the same in return. Together, we are an amazing force.

If you're looking for me, Dear Future Husband, you'll find me standing next to God and holding His hand. Get to know Him first, and He will introduce us.

He has created me beautifully unique. I am not meant for just anyone; I'm meant for you.

He's designed me to be extremely fragile, yet able to withstand incredible force. The unbreakable strength I embody is to be felt only through my gentle touch. The pain, trauma and heartache carried in my spirit continues to be healed by sharing my smile.

Yes, my Dear Future Husband, loving me will come easy...the opportunity to love me will not.

If you're searching for me, keep going, God will show you the way.

I believe in you!

With love and anticipation,


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