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A Strong Woman Needs an Even Stronger Man

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Dear Future Husband,

I'm just gonna say it like it is...a strong woman needs an even stronger man.

When we come together it's not going to be because we "need" each other, it's going to be because we choose each other.

We choose each other to enjoy and celebrate life.

We choose each other to support and lift one another.

We choose each other to love on each other (and dance together).

I am not responsible for your happiness, nor are you responsible for mine... but, we can contribute to each other's happiness and that makes me excited!

I pray for you daily as I build my dream, and I can't wait for you to see all I've done. I know you will be proud of me, as I am already proud of you.

Devotion is one of my highest personal values, and I can't wait to share the best of me with the best of you, and only you.

Keep building your dream, my Dear Future Husband, and together we'll celebrate God's blessings.

Rest well and stay safe & healthy.

With love and anticipation,


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