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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I started a mentorship with Elena in April 2020 as a one on one client.

9 months later I have:

  • Asked for a raise and got it

  • Went from scared to confident with doing lives on FB

  • Raised my prices significantly

  • Jumped (and built my wings on the way) and created my signature program and presented it

  • Created my highest month of income yet

  • Quit my job and started living my passion and purpose

  • Come halfway into writing and getting my first book published

  • Decluttered my to do list with about 50% and gained focus on what really matters

Elena jumps on a coaching call with me, and with her lazer sword cuts through all the spiderwebs in my head so I can think clearly and make better decisions.

Elena listens and offers different perspectives that I wouldn't have considered.

Elena sees my life from a bird's eye view perspective and helps me navigate pitfalls and snares.

Elena has so much inherent wisdom and her life philosophy is solid and true.

If you are looking to 10 x your life, Elena is all that!"

Jana D.

“You inspired me to become a Fitness Instructor. To encourage others to be their BEST at that MOMENT is very fulfilling work. Thanks Elena."

Melissa S.

“In a little over two hours you made me think about some simple questions, yet hard questions to answer, because no one had ever take the time to ask me! I am so grateful I met with you. I am so excited to begin my new journey. I have never felt more determined! Thank you for using your talents, gifts, faith, and belief in helping me and others."

Esther B.

“Elena has been one of the most important "forces" in the transformation of my life. I attended Elena's course and she was so full of energy, life, and commitment for the work she does. During the month long course, Elena was instrumental in opening my eyes to the power of "dreaming" and "goal setting" and the importance of developing my skills that were required to reach the success I wanted for me and my daughter. I can, without reservation, recommend Elena. She is a great coach, and best of all, a great woman."

Jovon H.

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